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The reason for the name of thoughtsramble should be easy enough to guess. One day, I've decided to marry my love for dramas and writing together, and viola, here's the livejournal that you see today.

Thoughtsramble used to be very active from end 2009-2011, but in early 2012, I realise that time does not permit me to commit to all that I want -- good grades, social life, sleep, friends, family, watching dramas, recapping and reviewing, and I come to a conclusion that something has to go. This explains why in the past year, I only posted maybe twice a month. I still watch dramas, mmhmm and the love for them never die, but there's no more time for recaps. It was a decision I struggled to reach, because I love thoughtsramble a lot, but it's a decision I have to make.

If you catch me in a free period though, I watch everything -- Korean, Japan, Taiwanese, Hollywood, and even French movies sometimes. Books are The Love, and if I love one enough, I will post a review on it.

Thoughtsramble is a public livejournal, so this means you are free to friend me because there aren't any friends-locked entries. In fact, I will be flattered if you choose to friend me(: I don't check out the ljs that have friended me, so if you happen to be a drama blogger yourself, please leave a comment, and I would love to check it out!

So enjoy, and may your thoughts 'ramble' like mine.

-updated 2/1/13-

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