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If only

I have been thinking hard about this, and I realise that it has been inevitable all along. 

Yep that same old line about: Not Enough Time. 

It has come to a stage that if I want to do recaps, it's going to take a toll on things that I want to do in my personal life. If I want to do recaps, I can't watch as many things as I want to, read as many books as I want to, and learn as many things as I want to. A reader once told me that this is my livejournal, I should be the one to decide when I want to ramble along about some drama, but as time goes by, I can't help but feel obliged, or this sense of responsibility, to update...I mean, I want to do a good job after all. 

But I will come out straight here about something that some of my readers already know, and that's the fact that I'm still a student. That means that I have workloads and also a life to juggle....and my life is only going to get busier from now on. I wish I was some happily married wife who juggles a drama blog on the offside but I am not one, unfortunately haha. 

And so, I've decided to give myself a break. Stop feeling so guilty about dropping dramas to recap, and so on. I'm not going to stop writing here though, and I'm definitely still doing recaps, but as of the moment, I feel that it will only be fair to myself if I recap shows that I like enough to spend time recapping on. That means that my dream of making this drama blog a big thing isn't going to happen, ever, but I guess I will have to prioritise. 

I hope this doesn't mean that you guys are going to stop coming there to read, because this is not going to be a dead blog. At least I hope that it won't be for the next, let's say, five years?(: It's just going to be more about what I like and want to share, rather than what you guys want to read. I can be on a whim and spam a post everyday if I feel like it, but I don't want to feel obliged having to update every two days or so... if that makes sense(:

In essence(or in a long-winded fashion), that's about all that I want to say! Nothing much will change actually, not physically perhaps, but if you see me disappear for more than a week, you should understand why. 

Thanks so much for reading!

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