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rambling thoughts

thoughts floating around in white, fluffy clouds

Thoughtsramble Update
Just wanted to post an alert here that I no longer post on this Livejournal account and I have moved over to https://thoughtsramble.com a few years ago! But all your replies and comments do go straight to my inbox and while I don't reply them anymore, I read each of them and I want you guys to know that they are all really appreciated and loved. (Also, I can't seem to switch off this screening comments thing so this might be why your comment doesn't appear - it's because I don't come to LJ to screen comments anymore. But I will try to work on this!)

thoughtsramble on livejournal will always be so dear to me - it's really where everything begins and where all my baby steps were taken. Even the act of posting now reminds me of how cozy this place was! I could just pop in and write a note like a diary entry.

Anyway, take care all of you. Hope to see you over at the new site and do drop by to say hi!<3