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What Kind of Hit Counters to Use

All right! So here's the entry on What Kind of Hit Counters to Use . I've only tried a few though but I've decided to just share with you guys which hit counters are the better ones in my opinion.

First off, I've been testing hit counters from the following websites: , , , ,  in private entries. The ones that I've placed in the sidebars come from statcounter and flagcounter.

I would recommend statcounter -- it's easy to use, easy to configure and offers lots of information for a free account. When using statcounters, all you need to do is to sign up for an account, configure your counter and choose the options like what number you would like to start count on. Another point why I like statcounter is that you can choose how long a visitor needs to take before he's counted as a unique visitor again. As I want my hits to be reliable, and I don't want to inflate my hit counts just so... it looks good, I like this option very much because you can choose whether a visitor needs to visit from 30mins-24hours later before his visit is counted as a unique hit again. [Note: Pageloads are counted by hits while unique vistors are apparently tracked by cookies, uhm not the ones you eat but some IT thing. This means that if VisitorX comes to my livejournal and refreshed a page 10 times, a counter that counts pageloads will inflate by 10 counts but a counter that counts only unique visitors will only inflate by 1 count]

Also, offers statistics based on 500 pageloads like popular pages, visitors paths, visit lengths and more detailed information that help a lot in analysing what exactly is on your site that attracts readers. The thing is, if I'm not wrong, some of the statistics are based on only 500 page loads. If you want to base it on more than 500 pageloads, you will then need to pay a sum of money.

For flagcounters, it is useful because you can track what country each visitor comes from and which country your site is most popular in. However, I realise that does not allow you to change the duration of the session each visitor has to take before he's counted as unique again, so it might actually increase at a faster rate than the statcounter. This is not to say though that it's not reliable; it's just that it does inflate more quickly that's all.

As for the rest of the counters, as I have mentioned before, they seem to count hits in a very weird way. Even though I have chose the option of "Unique visitors", they seem to count pageloads or simply stop counting hits at times. Also, sometimes, for the, it does not count any hits except when you actually press on the hit counter itself, which is you know kinda weird.

I do need to clarify that I have tested all these counters in private entries and I have no idea if putting them in private entries will hinder their function in any way. However, the statcounter and the flagcounter that are in my private entries tally with the ones in the sidebars so they are not affected by whether it's public or private.

All right, that's the end of this entry! I hope it's useful to you readers out there who might be a little curious as to how many hits your sites are getting. Each person requires a different thing, so go on and search for that hit counter that works to your wants(:

On a side note, statcounter might be a little confusing because there are just so many statistics that are offered based on the analysis of your pageloads and unique visitors. However, that is a plus point as well, isn't it?

Have fun and go forth with the experiments!:D


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