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Blood Episode 19
Spoilers spoilers and spoilers:

I really like the scene when Ji Sung demands that Ga Yeon tells him the truth, and Ga Yeon is still given a chance to choose. I felt that Ji Sung as a character was really appealing, caring and likeable! Daebak!

Then the scene when Hyun Woo buys something for Ji Sung - reversal of the usual scene when it's always the male lead buying the female lead clothes.


Okay I saw it coming somewhat, and I have a few theories in my head - all mashed up, but I was thinking that (1) Hyun Woo's results show that Ji Sung can never turn into a human (on the basis that his cells are all mutated and hence cannot be differentiated) (2) Hyun Woo finds out something about himself and how he will either die, or he will leave Ji Sung soon - since he buys Ji Sung an early birthday present and has a weird expression when he is going about it (3) they are going to bring him back to life (okay this is just the desperate me talking, because as far as I know, you can only use the VBT-01 to bring back someone if that person is still alive, not when the person is already dead.)

But until they give me an satisfactory answer, I will be very disgruntled at the death of this adorable character. Even if any of my theories come true in the last episode, it still doesn't answer the question of the purpose of this death - it doesn't serve to cement Ji Sung's revenge because he's already determined enough. So why? Please don't make it a death just so it seems like Ji Sung's journey to get revenge has more personal things at stake/blahdiblah/makes it sadder/more serious. Okay this isn't as bad as the second lead dying in City Hunter, but I'm still grumpy about this.

Let's see what they have to show us in the very last episode!