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Blood Episode 17
I really didn't expect myself to like this drama at the very start - when I first heard that it was going to be about vampires, I got put off What another vampire drama? No more twilight please. I love it that there's such a scientific take on this. I'm not going to nitpick about how having this infection miraculously allows you to grow nails and shorten them at will, but I like it that there is almost a scientific explanation for everything, even if I don't know whether 99% of them are true.

Some screenshots!
When Soo Eun is in disbelief, and Ji Sung decides to just show her proof

After which she starts laughing hysterically and faints HAHAHA I love everything that happens here.

How Ri Ta wants to sleep next to Ji Sung so she puts on all her winter clothes.

And the very final scene, when Ji Sung hears Ga Yeon cough - positive reaction to the perfume that sifts out the infected.

I just LOVE everything that happened in this episode! Episode ratings are really dismal for this drama, but I'm glad that it has the recognition that it deserves online. Korea's episode ratings are so unpredictable. Some dramas I've watched which have way better ratings than this, are way more boring and trashy.