thoughtsramble (thoughtsramble) wrote,

Kill Me Heal Me

This drama would not have been successful without Ji Sung's wonderful, wonderful acting. He created 7 different personas all by himself, and these personalities were all SO distinct, that they might as well have been 7 characters.


I teared so much when Perry Park left, and then when Yo Na left too...and then Se Gi. What kind of soccery drama is this that makes me tear THREE times over what is basically THE SAME GUY? Ji Sung, you have won me over once again. It's such a unique concept, but the drama has carried it off perfectly. I don't think I can describe this feeling of weirdness hahaha, that I miss all these personalities and I wish I could see them again, but I know they have to disappear in order for Do Hyun and Ri Jin to lead a good life. It's like watching my favourite three characters die, you know??

Anyway, I'm feeling this temptation to watch Save Your Last Dance For Me all over again - it's the drama where Ji Sung met Lee Bo Young after all (okay I'm hazarding a guess right here, but I THINK it's true. A simple Google search has not managed to turn anything up).

Goodbye Se Gi, Yo Na, Yo Sub, Perry Park and Do Hyun&Ri Jin(:

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Tags: ji sung, kill me heal me, lee bo young, save your last dance for me
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