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Pride and Prejudice Episode 8 Review
I'm loving the reveals in this episode. And who cannot fall in love with this pair?


Even though I'm not a fan of tall guy - petite girl couple stereotype, I must admit that the height difference between these two prosecutors in particular amuses me very much.


And I love Kang Soo's acting too. Even though the cliff hanger ending suggests that Kang Soo is actually Han Byul, which is really strange because it means that he almost fell in love with his own sister...but I think that's quite a cool twist nevertheless and I'm excited to see how it all plays out.

I feel that the weakness of the show still lies in fleshing out its cases properly. Even though investigating Han Byul's case is the main thread, but as a show about prosecutors, I think it's still worth the time to develop each case. I know they have already spent great amount of time on each case (maybe 1 to 2 episodes), but I'm referring to the way they present it. Whenever they have epiphanies, I don't get their relevations on the spot and only understand them half an hour later into the show.

Let's see how it goes!