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rambling thoughts

thoughts floating around in white, fluffy clouds

Sticky Post
[Note: This Livejournal Account is no longer actively updated. Find me over at thoughtsramble.com for more recaps and reviews! But otherwise keeping this site for memories and also for all the work I have done for the years; if you comment, I will be reading them too<3]

Here's where you will find rambles on mostly Asian Dramas, peppered with occasional reviews of the unusual, like the Hollywood/French movies.

Leave a comment whenever you come, for it makes my day.

And you can contact me at thoughtsramble@hotmail.com

Thoughtsramble Update
Just wanted to post an alert here that I no longer post on this Livejournal account and I have moved over to https://thoughtsramble.com a few years ago! But all your replies and comments do go straight to my inbox and while I don't reply them anymore, I read each of them and I want you guys to know that they are all really appreciated and loved. (Also, I can't seem to switch off this screening comments thing so this might be why your comment doesn't appear - it's because I don't come to LJ to screen comments anymore. But I will try to work on this!)

thoughtsramble on livejournal will always be so dear to me - it's really where everything begins and where all my baby steps were taken. Even the act of posting now reminds me of how cozy this place was! I could just pop in and write a note like a diary entry.

Anyway, take care all of you. Hope to see you over at the new site and do drop by to say hi!<3


TRamalove Cases on TeeChip!
Hello everyone! It has been a LONG time since I've posted on Livejournal! As you guys know, I've already relocated to http://thoughtsramble.com but I would just like to share with any existing readers still here about my new project. Basically, I have been designing these phone cases for the past few months and I have finally released them just yesterday!!!! I have copied my post from Wordpress, you can read it below!

I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY, FINALLY RELEASE THIS. I have been working on this for the past months and now it's finally here - phone cases that I've designed personally are now available on TeeChip! I put in a lot, a lot of effort into this so I hope you can give me your support and at least click read more to find out more?:D I LOVE YOU GUYS!


I really spent a lot of effort into this project so it would mean a lot to me if you could at least check out the items and see if there's any which catches your eye! If you like the items/wanna send me some love, do comment either here or on my word press article directly: http://thoughtsramble.com/2015/09/26/tramalove-phone-cases-on-teechip/ . I reallllyyy love reading comments so even if you can't buy, just sending me some virtual encouragement will be just as great!



Hi there
Helloooo it's been a long time since I've posted here.

I'm finally done with the entire design/layout of the site and I'm quite pleased with it! It has turned out the way I had pictured in my head, and it was fun learning new editing skills along the way. (Also, the site is now thoughtsramble.com but typing in the wordpress url should do the trick anyway!)

It would have been nice if I could have posted things faster and Google search picked it up faster, but as things have turned out, I haven't done much within these few months of break. Soon, things will start picking up its pace again and I'm not sure how much time I can spend on thoughtsramble:(((

I possibly have been doing this for 5 years!


What are you waiting for~
I'm unable to copy my posts into this livejournal platform because I've accidentally uploaded high resolution pictures and the livejournal entries just do not allow me to post the entire recap from Wordpress on here. Sooo that being said, I really hope that you guys will head over to my Wordpress and check out the recaps there! I've since uploaded Sensory Couple Episode 12 and 14 recap, and Once Upon A Time Season 4 Finale recap. I doubt I will be uploading any new things here anymore, but there will definitely be an occassional note here and there.

Here's the link once again! http://thoughtsramble.wordpress.com Hope to see you guys there(:


Exciting announcement!
Hello guys!^^

I have been working very hard in the past few months amidst all the crazy commitments I had, and now that they are all over (Thank Goodness for that), I can finally announce this new exciting installment in the Thoughtsramble journey!

I have finally decided to relocate Thoughtsramble to a new platform! Even though I've always liked my livejournal, but there's just so much more I could do with this new site, so do check it out - http://thoughtsramble.wordpress.com !

I am still going to update this space with the same content as my Wordpress from now on, but I will always upload on Wordpress first, so do start following me there if you want to get the recaps/thoughts as soon as they come out. (For example, I have just uploaded Sensory Couple/The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 11 Recap over there!)

The site's not 100% done to my satisfaction yet, but I think it's a good time anyway to announce this. I really hope that you all will check it out and let me know what you guys think of it^^ It will mean a great deal to me.

Thank you and love you always,


Blood Episode 19
Spoilers spoilers and spoilers:

I really like the scene when Ji Sung demands that Ga Yeon tells him the truth, and Ga Yeon is still given a chance to choose. I felt that Ji Sung as a character was really appealing, caring and likeable! Daebak!

Then the scene when Hyun Woo buys something for Ji Sung - reversal of the usual scene when it's always the male lead buying the female lead clothes.


Okay I saw it coming somewhat, and I have a few theories in my head - all mashed up, but I was thinking that (1) Hyun Woo's results show that Ji Sung can never turn into a human (on the basis that his cells are all mutated and hence cannot be differentiated) (2) Hyun Woo finds out something about himself and how he will either die, or he will leave Ji Sung soon - since he buys Ji Sung an early birthday present and has a weird expression when he is going about it (3) they are going to bring him back to life (okay this is just the desperate me talking, because as far as I know, you can only use the VBT-01 to bring back someone if that person is still alive, not when the person is already dead.)

But until they give me an satisfactory answer, I will be very disgruntled at the death of this adorable character. Even if any of my theories come true in the last episode, it still doesn't answer the question of the purpose of this death - it doesn't serve to cement Ji Sung's revenge because he's already determined enough. So why? Please don't make it a death just so it seems like Ji Sung's journey to get revenge has more personal things at stake/blahdiblah/makes it sadder/more serious. Okay this isn't as bad as the second lead dying in City Hunter, but I'm still grumpy about this.

Let's see what they have to show us in the very last episode!


I'm serious, her cross-eye look comes out every time she's crying. Is this a technique??


Blood Episode 17
I really didn't expect myself to like this drama at the very start - when I first heard that it was going to be about vampires, I got put off What another vampire drama? No more twilight please. I love it that there's such a scientific take on this. I'm not going to nitpick about how having this infection miraculously allows you to grow nails and shorten them at will, but I like it that there is almost a scientific explanation for everything, even if I don't know whether 99% of them are true.

Some screenshots!
When Soo Eun is in disbelief, and Ji Sung decides to just show her proof

After which she starts laughing hysterically and faints HAHAHA I love everything that happens here.

How Ri Ta wants to sleep next to Ji Sung so she puts on all her winter clothes.

And the very final scene, when Ji Sung hears Ga Yeon cough - positive reaction to the perfume that sifts out the infected.

I just LOVE everything that happened in this episode! Episode ratings are really dismal for this drama, but I'm glad that it has the recognition that it deserves online. Korea's episode ratings are so unpredictable. Some dramas I've watched which have way better ratings than this, are way more boring and trashy.


Blood Episode 16 Recap
One of my favourite episodes thus far!Here's a little quick recap!Collapse )
I would love to recap this drama, but as usual, time only permits me to write a small, quick one! I LOVE this episode and especially the ending. Anything with Hyun Woo inside is great, because he's such an intellectual and cute character who has such a loving brotherly relationship with Ji Sung. I don't think I've seen this kind of dynamics in a while! This is why I love the ending because I really want to see how Ji Sung will react when his best bro is in danger. We all know that any small threat to Ri Ta will send Ji Sung into a rage - that's really super duper cute but we expect it. A guy who reacts just the same when his best friend is in REAL danger, now that's a way to climb up my points ladder.

Can't believe we have to wait till next week!

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Blood Episode 15
Episode 15 was reallyyy good, I enjoyed it! I'm really glad that Blood is one of the hotter dramas online right now.
[What happened in this episode]
Favourite moments of the episode:

  1. When Ji Sung beat up the (lousy and sucky) security and Ri Ta is secretly amazed, I know she is.

  2. When Ji Sung compliments Ri Ta with a really bad praise, and then proceeds to hold her hand

  3. When he quietly rolls hair off the floor and then hugs her

  4. When he shouts at Director at the end of the episode

  5. Anything with Hyun Woo inside is always good:D P.S I miss Luvvy

Based on the preview, I'm guessing that the third vaccine is going to cause everything to break apart, and then we are going to find out more about Ji Sung's journey towards being human + a kiss between the couple! This is my favourite drama of Goo Hyu Sun, and honestly Ahn Jae Hyun is not bad as well. He needs improvement in his acting, but I think he has potential and he has a lot of room to grow. I love his small little smiles and affectionate gazes at Ri Ta!!

No more conjectures and I suppose there won't be any more since this is already Episode 15. However, I really hope they don't make Ri Ta ill with the rare disease because that will be SO...uncalled for? Unless (ooh conjecture #6) the scriptwriters want to put Ji Sung in a similar situation as the Director - having someone you love falling sick and knowing that you have the power to make her better. The Director took the step of turning Ga Yeon into an infected, and possibly Ri Ta's potential illness is used to tempt Ji Sung into either making her an infected or giving her the vaccine from the Director. Either way, I am not a big fan of this development and I hope my conjecture is wrong. Tempting Ji Sung with the knowledge that he can do something to help has already been done through Sister Silvia, I don't really want to see a repeat of a similar storyline.

Let's see how this goes!

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I was so hooked on Healer, Kill Me Heal Me and then Blood, that I forgot one of my favourite series has started!!

Rumplestiltskin, I know you are a villian, but I really think you are the BEST villian so far -- you are able to tug at my heartstrings and yet at the same time, you are one of the most vicious villians and the most interesting.

You and Regina Mills tie at the top right now:')


conjecture #1 - Blood & Love

This is revisiting conjecture #1: I keep seeing hints of it -
(1) Ri Ta says that he was warm in her memory, when he placed medicine on her forehead, as warm as he is now with human temperature. This is a big hint to me, that being kind/feeling something close to love is what makes him human.
(2) He is calm whenever he colours pictures.In particular, they mentioned Jeju Islands and the woods, which always made him think of her. Yet another obvious evidence!

Has anyone picked out anymore things?


Blood Again x2

I hope you don't mind, or aren't getting annoyed, because I'm getting so many of these theories, I forgot what number I am at already. #5? Anyway, here's an obvious theory:

Uncle actually was the one who killed Ri-Ta's parents - he's the mastermind and the Assistant Director is the one who probably hired the people to kill them. Remember those suspicious-looking park wardens?


Another one
I have my third conjecture for this drama:

Conjecture #3:

Wasn't the mother creating something when the infected came to kill her? I suspect that ultimately, the doctors are going to get a hint from the chemicals on the table and find out what was the substance that the mother hid in the drawer. Maybe it can help Ji Sung become human!

All conjectures stem from my own thoughts - if you would like to repost this, please give full credit. 


Can I just say how triumphant I feel that my conjecture #2 has proven correct!!! *throws confetti* I love the revelation that she was actually that girl who had 'died' so many years ago - I did not see that coming.

Did you see this coming? Let me know!


Blood as of Episode 9 & 10

Finally had the time to post these screenshots (yep, the busy-me excuse is popping up again!)

Anyway, I'm indeed semi-hooked on Blood. It's awesome that it's an on-going drama because if not, I would have devoured all 20 episodes by now.

I really loved this scene where Ji Sung tells Ri Ta that he was the vampire who saved her.

But is it just me or does Goo Hye Sun look REALLY cross-eyed here?

"This is not a dream right? I always wish that I can meet that boy again, even once..."

While she falls asleep, Ji Sung's really-cute-friend is busy running the data programmes etc.

Ri Ta then wakes up the next morning and proceeds to verify the story which she just heard the night before. Ji Sung feigns ignorance, then says, "If you want to tell the story, say it properly."

"Am I a flea? How can I jump 30 metres into the air?"


And kiss? What kiss??

Yes Ri Ta, I hope you are slightly mortified now because it's really hilarious.

Ending this post off with Ji Sung's face, when he is nodding so agreeably to the idea that the fake wedding should have a groom and then realises that Ri Ta is referring to himself.

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Review of Blood as of Episode 8
I still think this is a decent drama and if you have some time on your hands, you should watch it! I just have a few comments WHICH  YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT STARTED ON THIS DRAMA.

I have a few conjectures at the moment. Maybe Episode 9 and 10 have already proven me wrong, but I thought that I should just write these thoughts down anyway - guessing is always part of the fun in watching dramas!

CONJECTURE #1: Love is the way to become 'human-like'. When Ri Ta holds Ji Sung's hands, he calms down (alternatively, gets distracted) almost immediately. Similarly, his mother is the only one who did not have human blood before. This could be out of the idea of 'love', since his parents were the only two infected people who married and had a child.

Possibly nice and heartwarming touch to the story, but if done wrongly, this could be SO CLICHE. I'm hoping that it will be the first.

CONJECTURE #2: Mysterious girl learning all about Ji Sung here in this scene is the girl (what's her name) as a first-year doctor. She's so harmless right now, that she might just be the opposite in reality.


BONUS - I love this scene!!

Rita trying to tell Ji Sung about the time she was saved from a pack of wild dogs by a vampire i.e when he saved her.


"I think there were 10 dogs-" "Isn't..isn't that too many?" "He jumped 30 metres into the air--" "...I think it was 5 metres?" "No! Just listen okay!"



He listens quite obediently until Rita says that she remembered the boy kissing her cheek and saying she was very pretty.


You are so egoistical HAHAH and watch Ji Sung spit out the juice he is drinking and shyly touches his lips.





Okay that's all from me for now.

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Blood again
I read somewhere that fans hated the acting in blood, that Goo Hye Sun was really 'muted' in her acting and that Ahn Jae Hyun was not living up to the male lead expectations.

Hmmm I don't know...maybe it's because I've already read such bad stuff about it, but 6 episodes in and I'm really liking this drama! I think it had a stronger start than Kill Me Heal Me, to be very honest (although Healer still remains the best drama of 2015 thus far). I like it that Goo Hye Sun is creating a different kind of Ri Ta, someone who is slightly cooler and isn't always that poor, enthusiastic, fearless girl whom Goo Hye Sun is used to acting as. As for Ahn Jae Hyun, I do think he has a bit of baby-face and it's harder to incite that fangirling in me for him, but overall, I thought his acting was not bad. Not the best, but nowhere near being sucky.


I'm looking forward to seeing how this will all turn out!(:

P.S Follow me on Twitter now!(: I will be tweeting more often there as well(:

Kill Me Heal Me
This drama would not have been successful without Ji Sung's wonderful, wonderful acting. He created 7 different personas all by himself, and these personalities were all SO distinct, that they might as well have been 7 characters.


I teared so much when Perry Park left, and then when Yo Na left too...and then Se Gi. What kind of soccery drama is this that makes me tear THREE times over what is basically THE SAME GUY? Ji Sung, you have won me over once again. It's such a unique concept, but the drama has carried it off perfectly. I don't think I can describe this feeling of weirdness hahaha, that I miss all these personalities and I wish I could see them again, but I know they have to disappear in order for Do Hyun and Ri Jin to lead a good life. It's like watching my favourite three characters die, you know??

Anyway, I'm feeling this temptation to watch Save Your Last Dance For Me all over again - it's the drama where Ji Sung met Lee Bo Young after all (okay I'm hazarding a guess right here, but I THINK it's true. A simple Google search has not managed to turn anything up).

Goodbye Se Gi, Yo Na, Yo Sub, Perry Park and Do Hyun&Ri Jin(:

P.S Follow me on Twitter @thoughtsramble!(: I will be tweeting more often there(:


Yes, this drama is living true to its name - lots and lots of blood. You know what this means? IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO WATCH THIS WHILE YOU ARE EATING.



Recently I've decided on a few exciting things (okay it's exciting for me at least HAHA) so here's the first one!

I'm going to be more active on twitter now - it used to be just a place that updates itself whenever I make a new post on Livejournal but now I really want to make it a place where I can interact with you guys on a closer and more intimate basis. It makes me so happy whenever I see someone retweeting my recaps(:

Here's my account: @thoughtsramble

Come and follow me!!


New Ear Candy
I'm really loving the theme song from Kill Me, Heal Me -- Auditory Hallucination by Jang Jae In Feat. NaShow is what Youtube tells me. Go and have a listen to it!

I'm liking this drama quite a bit - I don't love it ENOUGH such that I will suffer disastrous drama blues (as we recall from the aftermath of Healer) but I like it enough to be vested in the show. I was a bit bored with the emotional bits in the past few episodes, but I totally LOVE Ji Sung's acting. He brought so many characters to life, and I can say for sure that my favourite bits of the drama involve the parts where Ji Sung's 6 personalities all come out and confuse the rest. It's hilarious. Perry Park, you amuse me so. much.


I thought Kill Me Heal Me was gonna be bad, but I hung on because I've seen some really interesting GIFs and I'm too interested in Ji Sung to give up on the show. I'M GLAD I DIDN'T! Will talk more about this once I've finished marathoning the existing episodes:D


Some rambling thoughts
Anyway, as you guys would have known, I've finished Healer just yesterday and am dying from drama blues. I was just thinking about my little nice cozy thoughtsramble where I meet great readers (shoutout to @usisblog for recommending Healer) and have long conversations with some of them. Sometimes, I stumble upon my old comments and I suddenly remember the constant presence of a certain reader at that certain period of time. If you guys are still reading, know that you will always have a special place in my heart, even though all I know is your username/letter of your name.

I have no idea why, but I suddenly felt like writing a really long and heartfelt post, which I've not done in ages. For the past few days, I'm in this reminiscing mood and I cannot convey to you guys how much this website means to me. I'm always careful not to reveal too much of my personal information, which is why I don't have a self-introduction of my name and where I come from. I started this when I was really young, inspired by Dramabeans and a few other recapping sites. I wanted to share my thoughts about the dramas I was watching (and trust me, I've been watching dramas since I was 5 or something - my mother has a very unique idea of what childhood means HAHA) and I've always loved writing. This place is like a hideout, it's like my baby (forgive me for a lack of a better word) which I've watched over for the past 5 to 6 years. I never want to let it go, but I do wonder sometimes if there will come a point in the future where I will make the painful decision.

You guys might not know this, but only my two best friends know about me having this dramasite. As I've mentioned, I started this when I was young and it felt exciting to have a little secret for myself. I was a little famous online (just a teeny weeny 0.1% bit I know) and it was recognition for the work I've done. Most importantly, I always look forward to comments. Of course, if you are a long-time reader (and to be honest, I don't think there's many of you but I love you guys all the same), you would have remembered the struggle which I've faced -- to stop recapping or to give up on bits of my life in reality. I had to strike a balance between the two, and in the end, I stopped recapping so frequently.

Sometimes when I think about what I want to do in life, I really wish I could devote all my time to thoughtsramble and make some living out of it. Unfortunately, the very basis of starting this on Livejournal makes that hard, because it's almost impossible to monetise your Livejournal (or impossible). I'm too sentimental to move this to any other platforms such as Blogspot since I'm scared my readers won't follow over. Also, I suck at formatting and still like the given templates on Livejournal more. So there, I've been stuck in that dilemma for ages. Still, it is my dream, and what a wonderful dream it is, if I can nurture this into something even bigger and fulfil its potential. Right now, it is not something which I can legitimately tell others (for example, it's not something you can say in the interviews when they ask you what's your hobby or how have you pursued your dream) and I think that's my regret.

Apologies for the long post which revealed a few things about me, but I think that's also why thoughtsramble is special to me, because I can always leave my thoughts here. I hope it didn't come across as being 'emo'. In the words of the young ones, TL;DR (too long, don't read) I love you guys and thoughtsramble very much, muacks muacks for everybardy!


The last post:(

I thought this scene was hilarious *chuckle to myself*

Young Shin defended herself against one of the bad guys, which turned out to be Jung Hoo. He was all like hey watch where you hit.


He proceeded to take down all the bad guys, while introducing himself to Young Shin's dad, "I'm Seo Jung Hoo" sorry for not telling you my name earlier etc.


Dad and Uncle gaped at his fighting skills.


Adorably, Jung Hoo will warn Young Shin everytime he's about to kick someone in the ass -  "Are you watching?" "I'm closing my eyes" "Okay"


And bam, the bad guy goes down.


Gape gape gape HAHA.


Failing to summarise the story in an understandable manner, Young Shin stepped in to provide an elaboration, and all this guy can do is to nod and echo the last word of every sentence HAHAHA. Why are you so adorable??


When the whole thing is over, he hugged Young Shin and said out loud that it would only be for five seconds. Uncle stopped Dad from rushing over, but counted down anyway.


Okay 5 seconds up. Jung Hoo walked out of the cafe, only to stride in again like the previous time and tilt Young Shin's face up towards his own --


Before realising oh oops Dad manners, so he pretended like he came back just to tell Young Shin to take care of herself and have her meals on time.

ADORABLE. I can't seem to find another word for him right here, but I watched this scene say 4 times.

And I think the scene where Moon Ho had to cover Jung Hoo's eyes and continue to wail is hilarious.


Bye Healer:( I will miss you.


I think I'm inevitably drawn even more towards the drama if the couple has great chemistry, and I feel so much chemistry here. I have never watched Ji Chang Wook in his other dramas (other than snippets from Smile, Dong Hae but he seemed really fresh then) so I wouldn't know if he's a chemistry bomb like Lee Jung Suk, but it doesn't matter - he does enjoy chemistry with Park Min Young. Plotwise, I love it that it's like a City Hunter, but added with rom com - so much more jokes and fun moods. If you notice, in every 'emo-ish' episode, the writers will be sure to include some sort of comic relief, and I think they do it really well.

I was just thinking - if it's possible for Taiwan/HongKong/China dramas to produce sequels to stories, or to produce different story plots with the same cast,why can't Korean dramas do it for once? Maybe they have done it before, and it simply wasn't my luck that it happened to my favourite dramas (okay Youtube videos of Playful Kiss maybe?) but I really wish they would do it here -- even if it's a completely different story but with the same cast, I promise I would give my fullest support.

Drama blues aint going away.



I finished the drama. It. Was. Awesome??? Needless to say I love every single bit of it - the idea is a bit similar to City Hunter, but I love this even more because of the added rom-com (just the scene of Jung Ho introducing himself to Young Sin's father took like 10 screenshots).

Just stab me now I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Okay kidding. But those of you who know how drama blues feel like, IM GOING THROUGH IT RIGHT NOW (albeit belatedly, after everyone else has already finished the drama).

I will be posting one last post on this tomorrow, after I've edited the screenshots. Drama blues are painful. I miss Seo Jung Ho's smiley eyes already.


Eternal Love in Healer's OST is sung by Michael Learns to Rock. I am MIND. BLOWN.

I have no idea why but it's just so surprising hahaha. I'm not a devoted fan of theirs, which is why I didn't recognise their voices at all. But it's just cool to hear a famous English band's song in a Korean drama(:


I'm sorry for the recent spam but
you really can't blame me when the couple is so adorable??? I think it's quite amazing how Park Min Young had such great chemistry with Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, and now with Ji Chang Wook. I kid you not, I watched the below scene like 4 times.


-just squeal and say aww with me-



I was SO busy over the past week that there wasn't even enough time to sleep...but you know you are truly addicted to a show when you itch to go back to the latest episode you've just watched even though you know you shouldn't! (Hahaha yes I'm talking about Healer.) And I'm so happy to return to 2 episodes yesterday night and now I'm itching for more of it already. What a pity this drama is already over!! I would have loved to recap some episodes hahahah.


This is not good - I sense myself getting addicted to Healer, and always wanting to load the next episode. It's awful, considering the fact that I have deadlines to meet just in a few days and I'm not anywhere near done.

Healer, why do you do this to me!



AAH I love this scene hehe.


Update update!
A reader recently recommended Healer and I think I'm hooked after 4 episodes!:DDD I love Park Min Young ever since she acted in City Hunter. While I haven't watched the guy before, his good looks and the drama plot are enough to draw me in hehe.

I wish that my internet connection stops screwing up - it took me a week to get through 4 episodes, which is really, really slow for me.

Also, I read theories that the reveal on who A is will be coming in Season 6 Episode 12!! Is anyone excited?? I have been waiting for this for YEARS. HAHA.


Hello everybody,

It has been a long time since I've written here...about 2 weeks? I wanted to write a review for Pinocchio Episode 20, but I watched it really late at night and promptly fell asleep after that. I'm sure everyone knew it was a good show and loved the ending so there's nothing much to say heh. I just have to say though, that I liked it that the Evil mother didn't really repent at the end of it - that's reality for you.

I've also not been up to date with any dramas other than Pretty Little Liars. I guess it's really easy for me to just keep going with this show because it's one episode a week, and there's not too much fuss about it. It's like a constant sustenance, or a cheer-up, in my daily life, but it won't give me drama blues after 2 months (since we still have 2 seasons to go!). On the other hand, I'm always so attached to the kdramas and twdramas I watch, and it's sometimes not easy having to find a new drama to watch once the old one ends.

On that note, I just realise that I didn't finish watching Pride and Prejudice!! I should, since I really like Choi Jin Hyuk hmmz. Is it true that this is his last drama before he enlists? Why is it that all the famous actors always get enlistment after they get famous?

Do recommend any dramas right now that are good!!


Pinocchio Episode 19 Review
I just watched this episode with subs and IT'S AMAZING. I don't have the time to do a recap unfortunately, but I think it's an episode that you guys shouldn't be reading recaps in substitution of the episode itself.

A few things happened:

  1. Having a good relationship with Chairman for the past decade can be used as a tool. As investigation on the defamation suit opens, Manager Sung and Cap Kim accurately guess what the moves of the Chairman would be. YGN news, because of its swift reporting, manage to stop Chairman from pretending to be overseas when she's in Korea, from shifting the focus to a celebrity (Yu Rae has a funny OPPA I WILL CLEAR YOUR NAME moment), and from bribing Chan Soo.

  2. Chan Soo promises not to give into the settlement, but he does waver and would have if not for Nosy Jang's timely arrival.

  3. Yu Rae jokingly asks Cap Hwang to come along for Chan Soo's housewarming party and Capt agrees, much to everyone's bewilderment.

  4. Cap Hwang is getting more obsessed with Yu Rae. HAHA. Kidding, but his infatuation is quite cute.

  5. The most groundbreaking of all - Bum Joo turns himself in as the culprit behind the terror attack. He asks In Ha to pass a message to his mother - that he will share the responsibility with her, and he is sorry for having left her alone all these while. He will always be with her now.

  6. Bum Joo calls Dal Po and the two share a really sweet phone conversation that had me tearing. Boo.

I'm not sure if it's logical but I really love the way how Manager Sung can accurately pinpoint what moves the Chairman would use next. I felt that it was very cool because it is a very rationalised train of thought any notable figure would follow when he or she tries to escape being brought in for questioning.

On hindisight, I really like the idea of an Evil Mum through Chairman Park. She represents both sides of a typical female character - she can be a manipulative, cruel and practical Director (as are all other evil Mums) and she is a nurturing, kind and loving mother to Bum Joo. These two can co-exist and this is why I really like the way this drama portrayed the evil character. While I don't doubt that truly evil people exist in this world, it's nice to see a three-dimensional personality throughout the drama, instead of having a purely evil mother turn doting at the very last minute. Despite feeling so emotional and hating the idea of Chairman manipulating the news and thus destroying Dal Po's family, I must say her performance is something I enjoy and look forward to.

Similarly, Manager Sung has characteristics of both sides and this allows us to understand and sympathise with her as she comes to the difficult decision of setting the whole revealing of the truth into moving.

For the main couple, I also like it that In Ha experiences what Dal Po has gone through. It's through these experiences that one grows, and I'm proud of Dal Po/Ha Myung as a character because he has really achieved personal growth. Ultimately, who wins? It's him, because he keeps to the idea of what a real reporter entails and he no longer habours damaging desires such as revenge.

The last episode is out today and I can't wait to watch it already! But I know I will definitely miss this show A LOT.


Pinocchio Episode 17 Recap
Ahh I'm not going to recap Episode 16 because of a lack of time, but it was such a great episode - I love the big climax and the little conflicts, and the little bits of cuteness. Now, on to Episode 17.

RECAP!Collapse )
Well, that was sort of a twist. I was thinking/hoping that Dal Po would get a triumphant victory in the end, but to return the story back into the hands of Manager Sung is a nice closure as well. She's the one who has to apologise, and the fact that In Ha was taking responsibility for something her mother did wouldn't have made things right.

I think Bum Joo is acting as if he's on his mother's side, but will turn up with concrete recordings later on. This is a nice and sad addition to the story and my heart really goes out to this kind and sensitive boy, regardless of his alliance in the future.

Capt Hwang is adorable as usuallllll. I love how his eyes twinkle hehe. Didn't root for him in Emergency Couple, but his role here is great. I wish he had fallen for someone less immature, but I guess you do need a crazy girl like Yu Rae to bring out the warmth in Capt.

Dal Po's breaking of cup is fantastic; it gave me such a shock! Our main couple is being awesome and I loveee it.Didn't their tiny hug in the YGN building just make your heart melt? Because it did to mine:D


Pinocchio Episode 15 Recap

I'm loving this episode (and hopefully can get the chance to recap the rest of the episodes till this drama ends). I checked the ratings of this drama a while ago and was puzzled to see the low ratings - this is one of the best dramas I've watched in 2014, with a solid plot and good acting. However, I'm beginning to see that it's starting to pick up its fanbase, and people around me are getting super into this drama too which is a GREAT thing.

RECAP!Collapse )

Yay yay I love it that the couple has come together again! Even though it is at risk of making all the heartache for naught, but I think it has been put together really well and it doesn't make me feel like the past episodes of seeing the couple separated are a waste of time. We see them grow individually as people, and how Dal Po no longer holds back in front of In Ha, how In Ha is sincere in her support of Dal Po, how Dal Po and In Ha ultimately cannot survive without each other and that they need each other. I like that.

I like it that it is always so peaceful whenever Dal Po visits Jae Myung, but I wish it could have been a more upbeat atmosphere. I know that Jae Myung is doomed, but at least make his last scenes happy:( I like him too much.

I think it's still too early to celebrate and this worries me - what if the Chairman comes up with some devlish ideas that destroy Chan Soo further? I love it though, that the scriptwriters have thought this out so meticulously, have allowed time for us to understand and bond with Chan Soo, before picking him out as the next target. History repeats itself and this drama shows us how horrible and eerie when that happens.

Surprisingly, I don't feel any sense of hatred towards any characters, not even Sung Cha Ok or the Chairman. I think they are shown as very three-dimensional, and not just evil characters, and I only await eagerly for the retribution that they will get (hopefully the drama will not let us down).

What do you guys think!


Hello all!

Have been flying quite a bit during December and eeks time flies, soon a year will come to an end! I've been very grateful that this site is still up and going for maybe the 5th or 6th year running. Even though I'm unable to post frequently as before, I'm still quite up to date with dramaland, and even managed to recap Fall In Love With Me! Wanted to take up Pinocchio but it was not meant to be heh (do watch this if you haven't, I recommend it!).

As the new year comes, I hope that everyone will be safe and healthy. Above all, I hope you guys will be contented and happy with whatever you are doing and whatever drama you are watching heh!

Thank you for having supported thoughtsramble thus far, and as always,


Pinocchio Episode 10 Recap

I'm loving this drama and especially this episode! It's where all the great reveals unravel and we get to see a teeny bit of the fall out.

RECAP!Collapse )

I've only started on this series recently but I've been loving every single episode of it and this episode tops it off. It has kept me engaged the entire time and I love how this drama isn't really following the classic scenes/moves/premises as other dramas do. There are the funny twists where Bum Joo's mum doesn't care about In Ha's background and just wants her son to be happy. There's also the whole idea of truth threading behind the entire drama. There's no misunderstandings or lies that hold the drama together and thats satisfying because those kind of dramas depend heavily on good reveals to give them a satisying ending. For this drama, each reveal is done in a fulfilling manner and I love the fall-outs - from Dal Po discovering way early on that the girl he's living with is the daughter of the woman he hates, to In Ha discovering Dal Po's true identity, to Jae Myung discovering his brother's identity. Each reveal is done in its good time, and I don't feel like the drama's entire success depends on the reveals, if you know what I mean.

I absolutely love the throwback scene as well and it's a very good portrayal of fate and retribution. Indeed, the words that Dal Po have directed at In Ha but actually are meant for Manager Sung, have finally gotten to the ears of the right person, delivered by the right person (though it will be just as satisfying if Dal Po is the one who did it, but it would have been boring to hear him go at it twice).

I think that this is a really strong drama so I don't mind Lee Pil Mo having a small but critical role. I do wish to see him in greater roles after this drama though, having liked him so much from Emergency Couple.


Recommend: Pinocchio
Recently decided to give this drama a try and I think it's been a real solid piece so far! Personally not a fan of Park Shin Hye but I saw a couple of gifs that portrayed her in a very cute way in this drama so I thought why not!

I like it that the female lead has the Pinocchio syndrome and cannot lie. This is SO refreshing from the usual dramas where the conflict arises precisely because leads weren't honest with each other/do noble sacrifices (never a fan of those)/miss their chance to confess. Obviously it would suck if the entire world was filled with Pinocchios, but just having a few here and there makes a huge difference to this drama. Lee Jong Suk is awesome as usual (biaised since forever), but I do wish he isn't so fair:P.

Check it out!


Liar Game (Korean) Episode 12 Finale Recap
I didn't know that there are only 12 episodes in this season! I guess it kinda makes sense because Japanese dramas are all around this length, but I was expecting another 4 episodes or so. Nevertheless, it has a nice ending, not wishy-washy in any sense.

RECAP!Collapse )

This is indeed not my usual style of recap. It was actually just meant to be a review but I decided to turn it into a quick recap of sorts. What do you guys think about this last episode? Overall, I enjoyed the drama and I like the character development in various characters. The back story was spread out in a bait-and-hook manner, which I enjoyed, but I wished that it was a little more disturbing if you know what I mean. To warrant Do Young's revenge and twisted mind, I felt like the back story should have been even darker.

It's my first time watching Lee Sang Yoon but I really enjoyed his portrayl of Woo Jin - a very attractive guy because of his inteligence and confidence, but also has his flaws and insecurities.

I think I won't have drama blues, maybe because it has been a really short journey. But I enjoyed it nevertheless and I hope to hear news of Season 2 soon!(:


Pride and Prejudice Episode 8 Review
I'm loving the reveals in this episode. And who cannot fall in love with this pair?


Even though I'm not a fan of tall guy - petite girl couple stereotype, I must admit that the height difference between these two prosecutors in particular amuses me very much.


And I love Kang Soo's acting too. Even though the cliff hanger ending suggests that Kang Soo is actually Han Byul, which is really strange because it means that he almost fell in love with his own sister...but I think that's quite a cool twist nevertheless and I'm excited to see how it all plays out.

I feel that the weakness of the show still lies in fleshing out its cases properly. Even though investigating Han Byul's case is the main thread, but as a show about prosecutors, I think it's still worth the time to develop each case. I know they have already spent great amount of time on each case (maybe 1 to 2 episodes), but I'm referring to the way they present it. Whenever they have epiphanies, I don't get their relevations on the spot and only understand them half an hour later into the show.

Let's see how it goes!


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Review

I caught this movie over the weekend and wow, I do miss the feeling of watching a blockbuster at the cinemas. I've read Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but purposely left Mockingjay untouched so that I would be more excited for the movie (but guess which impatient person has actually wiki-ed the plot years ago).

Coming from the perspective of someone who hasn't read the book but know just enough to anticipate what the movie is going to be about, I think this movie was great. It was such a joy to watch good actors act. The big screen enlarges their emotions and you see their feelings being expressed through their eyes. Jennifer Lawrence still rocks at being Kaitness but other than that, I really enjoyed watching Julianne Moore's rendition of President Coin (I'm very, very ashamed to admit that I always thought President Coin was a male, based on a skim read over Wikipedia ages ago.)

Things I've loved about the movie (not in chronological order):

  1. We're allowed time to experience each emotion in depth with Kaitness, instead of being hurried through a flurry of actions. That is of course because most of the action is going to be in Part 2, so Part 1 is mostly about building up to the grand finale.

  2. Effie's apperance in Mockingjay. As far as I understand, Effie doesn't appear that much in the book so I'm really pleased to see her again. She provides so much comic relief for this dark movie and I love it especially when she knows how important she is - she is not just an airhead, she knows her stuff.

  3. Kaitness' song 'Hanging Tree' around the middle of the movie. If you haven't heard it yet, LOOK FORWARD to it because Jennifer Lawrence's voice and the chorus of singing afterwards gave me chills. This is one song that is so simple but builds up to so much haunting emotions.

  4. Josh Hutcherson's portrayl of a crazy Peeta. I actually jumped when he crashed onto Kaitness and urgh, the whole scene was just disturbing. In a good way?

  5. How President Coin learns to be a better speaker with obvious help from Plutarch Heavensbee.

  6. When Kaitness shot down a hovercraft - her synchronised action with Gale was so cool.

  7. Kaitness' horrible acting for the propaganda movie. HAHA.

  8. An almost Inception-like manner as the audience of the movie watches the propaganda videos which were produced for the other districts. These videos were made just like trailers of any blockbuster movies. It highlights how people of an uprising rebellion can be manipulated with words and images, a method which something so starkly different like a blockbuster movie uses too.

  9. How Peeta's warning gave the rebels extra minutes to evacuate, and how these extra minutes were enough to save everyone.

Things I didn't like:

  1. That OMG moment when Kaitness discovered that President Snow had left behind a crater-full of roses. I felt like the moment could have left so much more impact, but due to the lack of music/whatever (perhaps? I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on because I didn't know it was gonna be a moment) it simply became a scene where Kaitness looked at something in front of her in shock, and then oh okay...she took up a rose. Yeap.

  2. Repetition of Kaitness surveying damage - felt that the movie was trying to stuff more of these scenes in to lengthen the movie.

  3. Kaitness being forced to react rather than having an active role in her decisions. Then yet again, this is an interesting point to note how Kaitness who was once being used by the Capitol is now used by the rebellion.

  4. When Kaitness kissed Gale. Okay for you guys who have read the book, it all makes sense to you. But for me, I was just like What?? Didn't you just spend an entire movie pining for Peeta? I do like Gale's statement after that. Short but on point, about how he has to be in pain before she notices him.

  5. The ending could have been more impactful, even as it is not a cliffhanger per se. My ideas might be cliche, but I thought a shot of Peeta staring at Kaitness, or at the camera might have brought chills. Or perhaps if President Coin's speech could contrast even more with Peeta's situation, like an emphasis on how the Victors have their freedom back/are happy/are well etc. You get the gist. I do recognise that the speech already touched on freeing the Victors but it didn't contrast very starkly with Peeta's situation in my opinion, since the speech was more to brag about what the rebels have managed to done, rather than putting a focus on the state of the Victors.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie. I like it for how it explores political ideas (manipulation, war of words, propaganda, tools, taunting etc) and for how dark it is. It is a build-up to the finale, everyone knows that, but for a build-up, I think it has done a decent job. You don't get bored (unless you thrive on action, then well...) and you are left wanting to watch more, to know more, to interact more with this world.


Pride and Prejudice Episode 6 Review
Did this episode give anyone else a headache? Because it gave me one. I like the premise of the show and where we are heading towards, but the way the show unravels each mystery is unsatisfying, especially this one. Are they saying that because Panda drank a drink with drugs inside, thats why Kang Soo wasn't the one who killed him? What's the link there? That Panda's head broke open because of drugs....? How did Song Ah Reum come into all of this....

I'm definitely confused and I felt like I wasted a good half an hour. But I really liked how they developed Kang Soo's relationship with Ahjusshi - the way Ahjusshi ran after the car when he came back from the drugstore and saw Kang Soo being arrested, the way he hugged Kang Soo when Kang Soo turned up on his doorstep (Y)

Hopefully the next episode will be better!


Pride and Prejudice/Liar Game/Birth of a Beauty
I'm on a roll!

Managed to find 3 new good Kdramas (but judged based on a very minimal number of episodes). Loving Pride and Prejudice so far - I'm a fan of Choi Jin Hyuk so it's no wonder that I will find this drama equally pleasing. I haven't seen the female lead before but a fresh face is always nice and she reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye. The plot line is engaging enough, but it can be confusing at some points. Do prosecutors really do all this work, that seem to replace that of a policeman?:O Also as per Episode 4, what is the significance of those bank statements? Sometimes, they drop important pieces of information here and there, and wait for a long time to patch up the information. However, overall, I think it's a drama worth checking out.

Watched half an hour of Liar Game Episode 1 and all I could think of is that girl (Kim So Eun) is so gorgeous! She certainly has the same vibe as Toda Erika and I would love to see how she fares in the future episodes. I didn't watch on because my stream lagged, and because the first 30 minutes was a bit draggy. Also, it just feels weird for a K-drama to carry out the same plot line as a J-drama, because I typically associate the mental gymnastics kind of dramas with J-dramas (Liar Game, Kindaichi, Detective Conan etc).

Finished the first 2 episodes of Birth of a Beauty and I think it's all right. They have taken a typical plotline and added in small twists here and there. It is satisfying that they managed to go through the entire backstory within an episode, instead of those Temptation of the Wife days where it took us around 10 (?) episodes to even get to the point where the wife 'died'.

However, if I was given only 2 hours a week to watch dramas, I think I would definitely choose Pride and Prejudice. It is not draggy at all, and there's always something mysterious going on. I just wish they can be a bit clearer as to what the characters are thinking.


My Secret Hotel (2)
Finally finished the drama!

I'm not sure if any of you is watching this but I think it's a hit or miss kind of drama. I still can't decide if it's a good one for me, because some parts were so bad. The mystery and the horror were quite well done, and even the unveiling of the truth was pretty good - for someone who has very high expections of reveals, I think they did okay. I loved the romance between Hae Young and Sung Hyo but the development of the relationship was quite poorly done. We have a great start (I quite like the filters and the way they shoot the scenes in Las Vegas), and we have an awesome awesome end - but the middle was draggy and stagnant. I only held on for so long because I wanted to see them get together, and because I wanted to know who the murderer was.

On the other hand, the drama is very good at tying loose ends up and for that, I think it's a good job done. I don't think I have any questions that were left unanswered. In fact, I think this show is better on its mystery than its romance.

If you are free and you are willing to spam the forward button (to skip those crying/staring into the distance scenes), I definitely recommend this! It always feels so good to watch a drama.


My Secret Hotel
I chanced upon this drama and was hooked straight away -- romance, comedy mixed in with a bit of mystery and horror? You got me.

I spammed 12 episodes in a few days, but I must say the drama could have done so much more. It was fortunate that I didn't have to wait for the episode every week, because now I can simply forward the parts that were draggy and unncessary. Was it really important to have so many sad scenes from Hae Young? And I think Sang Hyo could have been a much stronger female lead - a girl with her own ideas and her own feelings. Right now, I'm shipping her with Hae Young (surprise surprise) because I really don't like the way Managing Director Jo is treating her. Dude, you don't keep forcing your kisses on people, and insist that you are dating when she hasn't even said yes.

I'm obviously super biased though and I can only say that I hope the ending will end up like how I wish it would be.


The weeks just fly past! And I'm not really sure which holes they have flown into but it has been a good month. Still not onto any korean/japanese (haven't watched one in a long time!!)/taiwan dramas because it's just too troublesome to find out what's good or to even find out which dramas are airing right now. Getting a longgg break in a few weeks time so I'm really looking forward to that!

In the meantime, I'm still watching lots of movies like Hitch and When Harry met Sally. Not really a favourite of Hitch, but am sold on the latter heh.


HELLO! I'm actually not that busy, but I haven't been posting anything because I wasn't watching anything on-going and recent. I was going down this memory lane/catch-up lane, watching Boys Over Flowers and a ton of movies which I never caught in the cinemas.

MANY SCREENSHOTS - a walk down the Boys Over Flowers memory laneCollapse )
Besides Boys Over Flowers, I've also watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Music and Lyrics, Wild Child, Crazy Stupid Love, 50 First Dates, Just Go With It and Friends with Benefits! I know it's quite a long list but ohmy, do you notice a trend going there? Because I do, and it's so apparent what phase I'm going through right now. That's right, I'm currently seeking out any good rom-coms that are quite well-known but I just didn't have the time to watch! Amazingly, I love every single movie listed up there - they are the kind of feel-good, not intense, brainless (but not nonsensical) movies which I'm really into right now. I'm still on the hunt, so if anyone has anything to recommend, I would love it!!

Of course, as Pretty Little Liars goes into its break, I've been waiting eagerly for Once Upon A Time to resume and the first episode is finally out! I'm glad they are creating a backstory for Frozen which takes place after the movie's events, 'cause I'm not really a fan of the idea of watching Let It Go being re-enacted. Having spammed Once Upon A Time in Wonderland during the haitus, it's a bit of an adjustment to come back to the Storybrooke world because the characters are different, and the way they are portrayed is also really different.

Totally out of the drama-land right now:( need to update myself soon!


Hahaha even though I haven't been watching any on-going dramas because of my busy schedule, I have taken time out to watch some old movies and dramas when I'm chilling or eating! So I think the next few posts will be more of updates on what I've been doing rather than recaps/reviews.

Boys Over Flowers
That's right - guess who has decided to pull out her old stash of DVDs and to binge on this drama HAHAHA. I am loving it all over again, despite it having been...6 years? OMG it has been 6 years. Guys we are old.


I love it when they have the four of them together<33


And of course, I love Yi Jung/ Kim Bum.

Look forward to these screenshots HAHA. I'm only on Episode 5!


Aaron's song with G.Na is playing on my Itunes right now and it's giving me a wave of nostalga! I'm actually so tempted to re-watch the first 6 episodes of the drama hahahah where it was simply cute watching Xiao Lu (but I guess the later part of the drama is really sweet if you wanna watch Lu Tian Xing...whom I kinda miss too!)