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Just wanted to post an alert here that I no longer post on this Livejournal account and I have moved over to a few years ago! But all your replies and comments do go straight to my inbox and while I don't reply them anymore, I read each of them and I want you guys to know that they are all really appreciated and loved. (Also, I can't seem to switch off this screening comments thing so this might be why your comment doesn't appear - it's because I don't come to LJ to screen comments anymore. But I will try to work on this!)

thoughtsramble on livejournal will always be so dear to me - it's really where everything begins and where all my baby steps were taken. Even the act of posting now reminds me of how cozy this place was! I could just pop in and write a note like a diary entry.

Anyway, take care all of you. Hope to see you over at the new site and do drop by to say hi!<3


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Hello everyone! It has been a LONG time since I've posted on Livejournal! As you guys know, I've already relocated to but I would just like to share with any existing readers still here about my new project. Basically, I have been designing these phone cases for the past few months and I have finally released them just yesterday!!!! I have copied my post from Wordpress, you can read it below!

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Hi there

Helloooo it's been a long time since I've posted here.

I'm finally done with the entire design/layout of the site and I'm quite pleased with it! It has turned out the way I had pictured in my head, and it was fun learning new editing skills along the way. (Also, the site is now but typing in the wordpress url should do the trick anyway!)

It would have been nice if I could have posted things faster and Google search picked it up faster, but as things have turned out, I haven't done much within these few months of break. Soon, things will start picking up its pace again and I'm not sure how much time I can spend on thoughtsramble:(((

I possibly have been doing this for 5 years!


What are you waiting for~

I'm unable to copy my posts into this livejournal platform because I've accidentally uploaded high resolution pictures and the livejournal entries just do not allow me to post the entire recap from Wordpress on here. Sooo that being said, I really hope that you guys will head over to my Wordpress and check out the recaps there! I've since uploaded Sensory Couple Episode 12 and 14 recap, and Once Upon A Time Season 4 Finale recap. I doubt I will be uploading any new things here anymore, but there will definitely be an occassional note here and there.

Here's the link once again! Hope to see you guys there(:


Exciting announcement!

Hello guys!^^

I have been working very hard in the past few months amidst all the crazy commitments I had, and now that they are all over (Thank Goodness for that), I can finally announce this new exciting installment in the Thoughtsramble journey!

I have finally decided to relocate Thoughtsramble to a new platform! Even though I've always liked my livejournal, but there's just so much more I could do with this new site, so do check it out - !

I am still going to update this space with the same content as my Wordpress from now on, but I will always upload on Wordpress first, so do start following me there if you want to get the recaps/thoughts as soon as they come out. (For example, I have just uploaded Sensory Couple/The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 11 Recap over there!)

The site's not 100% done to my satisfaction yet, but I think it's a good time anyway to announce this. I really hope that you all will check it out and let me know what you guys think of it^^ It will mean a great deal to me.

Thank you and love you always,


Blood Episode 19

Spoilers spoilers and spoilers:

I really like the scene when Ji Sung demands that Ga Yeon tells him the truth, and Ga Yeon is still given a chance to choose. I felt that Ji Sung as a character was really appealing, caring and likeable! Daebak!

Then the scene when Hyun Woo buys something for Ji Sung - reversal of the usual scene when it's always the male lead buying the female lead clothes.


Okay I saw it coming somewhat, and I have a few theories in my head - all mashed up, but I was thinking that (1) Hyun Woo's results show that Ji Sung can never turn into a human (on the basis that his cells are all mutated and hence cannot be differentiated) (2) Hyun Woo finds out something about himself and how he will either die, or he will leave Ji Sung soon - since he buys Ji Sung an early birthday present and has a weird expression when he is going about it (3) they are going to bring him back to life (okay this is just the desperate me talking, because as far as I know, you can only use the VBT-01 to bring back someone if that person is still alive, not when the person is already dead.)

But until they give me an satisfactory answer, I will be very disgruntled at the death of this adorable character. Even if any of my theories come true in the last episode, it still doesn't answer the question of the purpose of this death - it doesn't serve to cement Ji Sung's revenge because he's already determined enough. So why? Please don't make it a death just so it seems like Ji Sung's journey to get revenge has more personal things at stake/blahdiblah/makes it sadder/more serious. Okay this isn't as bad as the second lead dying in City Hunter, but I'm still grumpy about this.

Let's see what they have to show us in the very last episode!


Blood Episode 17

I really didn't expect myself to like this drama at the very start - when I first heard that it was going to be about vampires, I got put off What another vampire drama? No more twilight please. I love it that there's such a scientific take on this. I'm not going to nitpick about how having this infection miraculously allows you to grow nails and shorten them at will, but I like it that there is almost a scientific explanation for everything, even if I don't know whether 99% of them are true.

Some screenshots!
When Soo Eun is in disbelief, and Ji Sung decides to just show her proof

After which she starts laughing hysterically and faints HAHAHA I love everything that happens here.

How Ri Ta wants to sleep next to Ji Sung so she puts on all her winter clothes.

And the very final scene, when Ji Sung hears Ga Yeon cough - positive reaction to the perfume that sifts out the infected.

I just LOVE everything that happened in this episode! Episode ratings are really dismal for this drama, but I'm glad that it has the recognition that it deserves online. Korea's episode ratings are so unpredictable. Some dramas I've watched which have way better ratings than this, are way more boring and trashy.


Blood Episode 16 Recap

One of my favourite episodes thus far!Collapse )
I would love to recap this drama, but as usual, time only permits me to write a small, quick one! I LOVE this episode and especially the ending. Anything with Hyun Woo inside is great, because he's such an intellectual and cute character who has such a loving brotherly relationship with Ji Sung. I don't think I've seen this kind of dynamics in a while! This is why I love the ending because I really want to see how Ji Sung will react when his best bro is in danger. We all know that any small threat to Ri Ta will send Ji Sung into a rage - that's really super duper cute but we expect it. A guy who reacts just the same when his best friend is in REAL danger, now that's a way to climb up my points ladder.

Can't believe we have to wait till next week!

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Blood Episode 15

Episode 15 was reallyyy good, I enjoyed it! I'm really glad that Blood is one of the hotter dramas online right now.
[What happened in this episode]
Favourite moments of the episode:

  1. When Ji Sung beat up the (lousy and sucky) security and Ri Ta is secretly amazed, I know she is.

  2. When Ji Sung compliments Ri Ta with a really bad praise, and then proceeds to hold her hand

  3. When he quietly rolls hair off the floor and then hugs her

  4. When he shouts at Director at the end of the episode

  5. Anything with Hyun Woo inside is always good:D P.S I miss Luvvy

Based on the preview, I'm guessing that the third vaccine is going to cause everything to break apart, and then we are going to find out more about Ji Sung's journey towards being human + a kiss between the couple! This is my favourite drama of Goo Hyu Sun, and honestly Ahn Jae Hyun is not bad as well. He needs improvement in his acting, but I think he has potential and he has a lot of room to grow. I love his small little smiles and affectionate gazes at Ri Ta!!

No more conjectures and I suppose there won't be any more since this is already Episode 15. However, I really hope they don't make Ri Ta ill with the rare disease because that will be SO...uncalled for? Unless (ooh conjecture #6) the scriptwriters want to put Ji Sung in a similar situation as the Director - having someone you love falling sick and knowing that you have the power to make her better. The Director took the step of turning Ga Yeon into an infected, and possibly Ri Ta's potential illness is used to tempt Ji Sung into either making her an infected or giving her the vaccine from the Director. Either way, I am not a big fan of this development and I hope my conjecture is wrong. Tempting Ji Sung with the knowledge that he can do something to help has already been done through Sister Silvia, I don't really want to see a repeat of a similar storyline.

Let's see how this goes!

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